Poem Entry 05.29.23 (Calm…One Day/Today)

Calm as can be,

Who am I kidding that’s not me,

but one day it will be…

My peer’s don’t know who I once was and who I am no longer…

I am the person of today, not the child of yesterday,

Why can’t I believe that?

My mind does not match who I am and who they see…

Over 6 feet tall yet I cower on my knees,

The little kid, out of control unable to support himself, love himself, accept himself,

I see him for what he is,

A past self no longer who I am today,

Slowly but surely being pushed away,

Pushed out of my mind and out of my head,

Pushed out of power until all that’s left is the true me,

The calm as can be me,


Sincerely, My Internal Thoughts






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