Self-Esteem Journal 05.28.23

  1. A positive thing I witnessed…
    • My brother, my parents, and I getting along over a shared meal, laughing, catching up, and enjoying each other’s company.
  2. Today was interesting because…
    • I got a lot done. More than usual for a wekeend.
      • I went out and saw my family for a bit.
      • I got stuff done and then spent more time on a meal. But I also didn’t feel depressed or anxious. I stayed present.
      • I went out, had a good time, and left when I wanted. I cared for myself without ruminating and wallowing in who I once was.
  3. I felt proud when…
    • I made an effort to support my family
    • I was social and didn’t stress about how everyone else saw me
    • I took care of myself and stayed present and not trapped in my mind.

Sincerely, My Internal Thoughts






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