Poem Entry 5.31.23 (Run…)

Run fast, run far, run to where I need to be,

Where do I need to be?

Be present? Be outside of my head? Be physically aware?

Aware of my capabilities? Aware of my worth?  Aware of what I have to offer others?

Others can see my capabilities and what I can do,

Do I recognize what they see? Do I believe that I am enough?

Enough for myself, enough for others, enough regardless,

Regardless of what I think, regardless of what they think, regardless of what I think they think,

Think hard, think long,

long enough to recognize who I am, what I can offer, and what I bring to those that are close by,

By running towards my purpose and self-worth, one day, I will believe I am whom I need to be..

Sincerely, My Internal Thoughts






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